Divine Casa Weighted Blanket (Single, Grey)

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An Overactive nervous system can lead to anxiety, hyper activity, rapid heart rate and shortness of breather and all of these are not conductive to good sleep. Weighted Blanket is inspired by a therapeutic technique called DEEP PRESSURE STIMULATION. With its firm and controlled pressure, it induces a feeling of calmness.

· CALMS THE NERVOUS SYSTEM – By distributing an even amount of pressure and weight across the body, the Weighted Blankets activate the para sympathetic nervous system in conductive to a good sleep.

· EASES STRESS AND SOOTHS ANXIETY – Weighted Blanket helps manage feelings of stress and anxiety. It reduces the body’s stress hormones (Cortisol) and increase the production of a mood based hormones serotonin (hormones associated with feelings of happiness).

· IMPROVES SLEEP QUALITY – It also increases levels of Melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep.

· PROVIDES COMFORT & SECURITY – Weighted Blankets work in the same way as a tight swaddle helps a new born feel snug and cozy.

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