Our Story

We are Divine Casa

Divine Casa, a burgeoning home furnishing brand in India, has been making remarkable strides in the industry. Our extensive range of top-quality home textile products, ranging from bed linens to quilt and comforters, curtains, cushions, and pillow covers, among others, have been curated to cater to your unique preferences.

Our parent organization, CTM Textile Mills, has a longstanding commitment to improving your daily life. From its humble beginnings as a textile processing unit in 1970, under the visionary leadership of SHRI MOHANLAL AGARWAL, CTM has morphed into a vertically integrated enterprise with advanced manufacturing facilities for textile processing, home furnishing items, and garments. Having been a significant player in the retail sector for several years, Divine Casa is now extending its reach to e-commerce under the same brand name.

Home is Where the Heart Blooms: We understand the cosmic significance of home - it's your zen zone, your personal canvas for showing off your flair, and most importantly, your ultimate relaxation station. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to meticulously curating a collection that sprinkles panache into every nook and cranny of your crib.

Quality that Inspires Awe: We're wild about quality - each Divine Casa product is a testament to our unswerving dedication to brilliance. From the materials we use to the artistry behind every piece, we make darn sure that everything meets the gold standard.

Style with Swagger: We are big fans of style and understand that it's as diverse as a rainbow. Our range spans the entire spectrum, from timeless classics to mind-bending contemporary designs. We guarantee you'll find the perfect pieces to mirror your unparalleled personality.

Living the Green Dream: We're eco-warriors, and we wear that badge with pride. Our sustainable practices are not only good for Mother Earth but also ensure that our products are safe and sound for you and your beloved posse.

Customer-Oriented Craze: You are the captain of this ship! Our customer-first mantra guarantees your gratification, from the moment you start your treasure hunt in our catalog, right through to when you're cuddled up with our products.

So, join the party in transforming your pad into a crib that's a true reflection of your unique groove, where comfort and style dance the tango, and where quality is the name of the game. Divine Casa - Crafting Comfort, Elegance, and Quality, One Thread at a Time.

At a Glance

CTM Textile Mills boasts an illustrious 50-year-old legacy today. 

It is one of the most extensive manufacturers and exporters of various textile products, hailing from Ahmedabad, Gujarat - India. We are equipped with cutting-edge dyeing, printing, processing, and garmenting facilities that enable us to produce top-quality products that cater to a broad range of consumer needs.

Our group is made up of different divisions, with Woven being one of them. CTM Homestyle is our retail arm that introduced bed linen in India, while we ventured into home furnishings in Ahmedabad.

In India, we have carved out a robust market position as a leading integrated textile processing house. Additionally, we have a considerable presence in international markets.

With great appreciation to our sister concern, Madhu Industries Pvt. Ltd., we are at present exporting textiles and garments to several distinguished international brands and wholesalers across Europe, the United States, Canada, as well as a multitude of African countries.

Check out our Categories

  • Cotton Bedsheets
  • Dohars
  • Comforters
  • Door Mats
  • Baby Mattress Protectors
  • Cushion Covers
  • Pillows Fillers
  • Mattress Protector

Offering a wide spectrum of colors and patterns! Each product is designed to carve a special spot in your heart and secure a permanent position within your home.